By Light’s CyberCENTS division offers cyber operations training courses ranging from basic to advanced skill levels. Training takes place within our Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®), and students can freely engage within the virtual environment to enhance their learning experience.

Empowering the Cyber Workforce to Combat the Latest Cyber Threats Today.



CyberCENTS cyber operations training courses features hands-on simulator-based instruction that is customizable and includes curriculum development if needed. Our proven training can be selected from a catalog, or we can design and develop training to meet your custom needs. Our classroom courses are available at:


  • C-Suite Cybersecurity Seminar
  • C-Suite Cybersecurity Training and Table Top Exercise
  • Cyber Incident Responder (NICE Incident Response)
  • Cyber Operations Analyst (NICE Cyber Defense Analyst)
  • Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Cybersecurity Awareness for Information Security Personnel (NICE Cyber Operator)


Our exercise planners can work with you to determine a “best fit” mix of scenarios to challenge players. Our exercise services provide technical assistance on the details that contribute to the overall value and strength of the exercise—the various controls, criteria, expectations, tools, scripts, requirements, situations, and other issues. Cyber technical advisors develop scenarios mapping to exercise objectives and monitor the progress of the activity. A post-exercise analysis is a reflective look at the entire exercise highlighting what was learned, the responses, and the outcomes. An initial quick look is obtained at the conclusion of the exercise while the event is fresh on every mind. Feedback is gathered from all participants and utilized for refining future exercises.

Our commercial exercises are hands-on cyber engagements for industry cyber operators. Exercise objectives focus on industry best practices and emerging policy. Exercising your existing policy and procedures, operators are put through scenarios where they must detect, recognize, respond to, mitigate, and recover from an ongoing cyber attack in an operational environment. Output provides the client with information needed to develop a remediation plan to improve readiness.


CyberCENTS’ accomplished planners know that cyber competition requires a special set of considerations apart from standard exercises. Capture the Flag can be played with teams on the cyber playing field. Another option is a force-on-force cyber competition. In either case, the rules of engagement, various exercise logistics, and requirements of the cyber playing field need to be determined. Cyber competitions can be formulated to support advanced concepts applications, team skills refinement, or force-on-force operations and rehearsals. CyberCENTS planners employ hands-on constructive cyber environments to focus on these specific skills and learning outcomes in a robust, realistic cyber environment.

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