By Light’s CyberCENTS division has provided high-fidelity Government and commercial cyberspace operations products and solutions since 2000. Our engineers and developers are among the best and the brightest, to include pioneers of the first Department of Defense (DoD) cyber range, known today as the Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®). Using a team approach reinforced by onsite experts, we deliver operational support, technical and managed cybersecurity services, and training to the DoD, Intelligence Community, Government agencies, commercial customers, and universities.

We have mastered the ability to provide customer-tailored training, scenarios, and practical application by creating cyber range environments that deliver users a true-life experience. We offer a fully virtual environment that supports hardware-in-the-loop and is scalable from individual skills progression for specific work roles to a global Internet that supports large group education and training, including substantial military exercises.



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