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    Discover, Uncover, Take Action
    CENTS exposes operational and security weaknesses
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    Cybersecurity: How safe are you?
    Prepare your cybersecurity team to respond to the inevitable attack
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    Your Virtual Network in a Suitcase
    Build, Design and Test your network in a risk-free virtual environment
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What CENTS can do for you!

Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®) is the single most powerful and effective suite of tools ever developed to prepare for even the most cunning and
sophisticated cyber attack.

Identify Security Weaknesses

Powerful emulation tools with the ability to stress and test a network to evaluate potential operational and security weaknesses.

Prepare for
an Attack

No suite of products better prepares cybersecurity operators to identify, isolate, remove, and recover from a cybersecurity attack.

Validate your Preparedness

Operational assessments including Certification and Accreditation support to improve processes, procedures, checklists, and guidance.


The most powerful and advanced tools in the cybersecurity industry for detecting and defending against cyber criminals.

Think you are safe? We can help.

What we offer

CENTS® products are powerful emulation tools that provide an organization with critical benefits


Support multiple tier: Single Domain/Location, Multi-Tier

Simulated Internet and Root DNS

Realistic Multi-hop Routing using dynamic routing protocols; multi-layer websites; addresses and websites resolve in DNS

True-life System  Response

Drill-down to the OSI Layer 2; devices/applications are configurable; events occur in real time; users/systems must take corrective actions executed in real-world ops


Support different missions including training, T&E, target development rehearsal, proof of concept

Traffic Generation

RFC compliant; dynamic traffic flow; traffic density is customer configured

Traceable Actions

Indications and warnings map to unique system configuration; mitigation steps map to customer TTP