Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®) are specifically designed to optimize the effectiveness of cyber operations and protection workforce to defend against malicious actors. Each cyber range environment is powered by SLAM-R©

Virtualized Cyber Classroom Environment (VCCE®)

The Virtualized Cyber Classroom Environment (VCCE) provides a virtualized environment to conduct secure network defense and attack training and exercises. The VCCE provides sufficient space to host 7 teams simultaneously – each team has its own local area network (aka pod).  Each team can be comprised of up to six participants.  The player computers need only have Remote Desktop installed so the players can access the virtual workstations in the VCCE.  As an analogy, the HOTSIM is a single local area network; the VCCE is 7 local area networks all interconnected.  Each player/student network is a fully functioning domain comprised of open source virtualized routers and switches, a DMZ with a web server, firewall, network intrusion detection system, web proxy server, Exchange mail server, domain controller, and windows 7 workstations for the players/students. All components of the network are fully functioning and must be managed by the team.  Each team domain is populated with users who log on/log off the network, send e-mail, and surf the web.  All ambient and attack traffic is generated by and to the user bots on the network. The VCCE is best suited for colleges, universities, and those teaching basic computer network defense.