Sentinel-Legion-Autobuild-Myrmidon-Reconstitution (SLAM-R©)

SLAM-R© = The Engine that Runs Every CENTS® Cyber Range

Over the last few years, multiple Cyber Simulators, Cyber Ranges, and Persistent Cyber Training Environments have entered this space. The CyberCENTS portfolio of cyber range platforms (CENTS) entered the commercial space in 2007 and have continued to evolve bringing innovative capabilities each and every year.

What makes the CENTS portfolio different than any other solution available today – Metova’s patented capabilities in our SLAM-R appliance.

SLAM-R is the engine that brings fidelity and realism to a cyber range/test environment. SLAM-R interfaces into the networked environment, both internally and externally, to complete the look and feel of the real-world network. The SLAM-R appliance is controlled/operated through a single Graphical User Interface (GUI).

In a single integrated solution with a unified GUI, SLAM-R brings each CENTS platform ‘to life’ providing:

  • Virtual Machine Device Control
  • Snapshot & Restore Control
  • Network/Event Monitoring
  • Traffic Configuration Manager
  • Attack Configuration Framework
  • Scenario Builder and Execution Panel
  • Traffic Visualization
  • Out-of-band Management

The SLAM-R appliance provides network monitoring with Sentinel – traffic generation configuration and management, user emulation, virtualized Internet (grey space), and root DNS through Legion – rapid simulator buildout and virtual machine templates through AutoBuild – scenario building and execution and network attack configuration through Myrmidon – and rapid system baselining through Reconstitution. A management console is used to manage and monitor the SLAM-R backend.