Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®) are specifically designed to optimize the effectiveness of cyber operations and protection workforce to defend against malicious actors. Each cyber range environment is powered by SLAM-R©

Range Global Internet (RGI®)

The RGI has a look and feel comparable to the actual Internet. It provides for controlled and secure testing and training scenarios outside of the public realm. The RGI is completely virtualized, using open-source utilities where possible, and utilizes real IPs found in the global Internet structure.  With the same open architecture as CYNTRS and HOTSIM, the RGI’s flexibility permits the incorporation of physical equipment (e.g. network or threat systems) and virtual appliances.  The RGI is made up of 76 backbone routers, supporting 400+ domestic and international websites and social media sites (Cambook and Critter).  The RGI also includes fully functional e-mail, FTP, and chat servers along with global DNS and Network Time Protocol (NTP) services.  RFC-compliant Internet traffic-generation provides fully-attributable traffic activities between Internet routers, DNS queries to actual servers, website “GET” request, e-mail generation, along with other miscellaneous random traffic (e.g. ICMP). The traffic provides communication from both internal and external network interfaces.