Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®) are specifically designed to optimize the effectiveness of cyber operations and protection workforce to defend against malicious actors. Each cyber range environment is powered by SLAM-R©

Hands-On Training Simulator (HOTSIM®)

Built to the customer’s specification (hardware/software in the loop solution), a HOTSIM unit contains the necessary components of a single mission partner network.  The HOTSIM platform is ideal for individual classroom or small team (1-3 people) training. It contains virtualized internal core network services (e.g. domain controller, email server, web server, network monitoring servers, mail relay, and host based security system). The HOTSIM also contains firewalls, multiple routers, multiple switches, and a web proxy. The HOTSIM solution is vendor agnostic permitting the use of multiple products, emerging products, or upgraded products within the range environment.  Interconnecting with a CYNTRS unit, HOTSIM and CYNTRS can represent a multi-tier environment.