Who We Are

Our History

Founded in 2011, Metova Federal, LLC is a privately owned business. Metova CyberCENTS provides turn-key cyber operations solutions and has roots in network defense, cyber operations, and cyber range/simulator platforms.

The FIRST EVER DoD CYBER RANGE…Cyberoperations Enhanced Network Training Simulators (CENTS®) is a portfolio of Cyber Simulator and Range solutions. CENTS® provides an immersive environment for cyber training, exercises, and experimentation. CyberCENTS experts have provided high-fidelity government and commercial Cyber Range products and services since 2000.  Our yearly growth is a result of delivering the highest quality and cost-effective products and services in a timely manner.


Bill Dunn


Bill has over 30 years of military and corporate experience specializing in cyberspace operations, information technology, and management. Prior to entering the commercial sector, he served in the US Navy with active duty experience including over twenty-three years in cryptology and as an Information Warfare Officer. Before joining Metova in 2014, Bill worked in support of large defense firms in varying roles and increased responsibility from Director of Cyberspace Operations to Chief Technology Officer.

Stephanie Harwell


Stephanie is a 24-year US Air Force veteran, retiring in 2004 at the top enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant. She has more than a quarter century of experience in Cyber Systems. Stephanie has been involved in state-of-the-art, Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Cyber Environments since the USAF’s implementation in 2001; pioneering the concept of cyber simulators for the USAF’s Cyber Operations Crew Force immersive training and exercising.

Kevin Hofstra


Kevin has over 15 years of experience in DoD Cyber Operations, including leading the program that stood up six of the first US Air Force Cyber Protection Teams.  His background includes a diverse set of technology certifications, a BS – Comp Sci from Yale and two MEs – Telecom & Eng Mgmt from the U of Colorado.  Kevin also serves as the Communications Sector Chief for the Denver FBI InfraGard and is a strong advocate for public/private/academic partnerships and information sharing.